Our Services

Wide Array of Product Variants

With presence and operating offices in more than 7 countries. Obetech Pacific proudly represents over 500 product variants from more than 300 Asian companies. Each product is sourced from highly reputable manufacturing partners around the world, providing you with wide range of products to suit your varying production needs.

Prompt Delivery from Manufacturer To Buyer

Each product is ready-made with manufacturer’s packaging and handled with proper documentations Throughout the entire delivery process. With no storage or direct contact involved, it allows you to have a transparent look at our work process from end-to-end.

Product and Export Quality Control

At Obetech Pacific, we put utmost attention to vital parameters such as product quality, certification, documentation, shipment and export packing. All products are sourced and marketed with acceptable quality and export standards.

Fast, Responsive and Tailored Customer Service

We dedicated our sales support team to assist each customer and meet their specific demand with a fully tailored solutions, with regular updates on delivery, shipping and payment. With hands-on approach in customer service, established freight. Arrangements and global partnerships around the world, Obetech Pacific is able to source and import quality products to the customers who need it the most.